In this time of crisis, men and women across the country are answering the call to aid the COVID-19 response. The business community has a critical role to play to help address the shortages of supplies that are urgently needed by the medical community as they treat individuals battling this disease.

That is why Business Roundtable and the National Association of Manufacturers are combining efforts to bolster the business community’s response to shortages of urgently needed supplies. Our organizations have developed this online survey to identify existing supplies and new manufacturing capacity to support emergency production efforts.

We invite all members of America’s business community to join us by completing this survey. Our aim is to aid government’s efforts to deploy resources quickly and where they are needed most.

Throughout history, the United States has faced great threats, and Americans have come together to keep our country healthy and strong. This is our mission again today. With your continued support, we will be part of the solution.

Joshua Bolten
President & CEO
Business Roundtable

Jay Timmons
President & CEO
National Association of Manufacturers

Business Roundtable and the NAM are calling on business and manufacturers to join us—to identify medical supplies and equipment, including personal protective equipment (PPE) and test kits, and production capabilities to save lives and address this pandemic. The data, which we will continue sharing with the federal government and key agencies, will help us locate new sources of existing supplies as well as where new manufacturing capacity can be tapped to address shortages nationwide.

Please download the survey, follow the instructions and submit the completed file via the form below on this page. The survey will download as an Excel file.

Upload the completed survey file below by clicking the “Upload the Survey” button.

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